The main difference between us and other midrate servers is that you cannot buy exclusive advantage, everything is earn by self effort and dedication, no P2W.
We will advertise the server on topsites, discord, google ads and facebook ads, but we will never pay any clan or cp to play our server, nor will we give special advantages to 'important clans', 'popular players' or similar.

Server Time: UTC-3


* EXP/SP x50
* Adena x50
* Drop Items x10
* Spoil x10
* Seal Stones x5
* Quest x5
* Weight Limite x50


* Skill and Glow chance are retail.
* Active and passive skills has the same status.
* Active skills increased time to 20 minutes.


* Time 120 minutes.
* 24 slots, +4 divine inspiration. (need learn)
* Pets does not lose buffs with noblesse.

Clan & Alliance

* Clan penalties disabled.
* Alliance only 1 clan - for large crest.
* Max. 18 members in Raidboss and Siege zones.

Castle Sieges

* Default game date.
* Max. 10 clans each side.


* from +0 to +3: 100%
* from +3 to +16: 65% (decreasing 3% each level)

* from +0 to +3: 100%
* from +3 to +10: 55% (decreasing 3% each level)

* Blessed enchant increases the rates by 5%.
* Blessed enchant on failure returns the item +3.


* Capture the Flag - The goal is to capture as many flags as possible.
* Death Match - The goal is to get the most kills.
* Team vs Team - The goal is to be the team with the most kills.
* Player vs Player - Earn event insignias with every kill.
* Tournament - Earn event insignias with every fight.


* Ends on Mondays.
* Battle period: 20:00-00:00.
* Start battles: 3 registered players.
* No class-based battles.
* Tie does not lose points.
* Hero skills are retail.

Server Economy

* [D] [C] [B] [A] on sale by adena and [S] by drop (Heine) or craft.

Special NPCS

* Buffer: All buffs, including schemes.
* Class Master: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class free.
* Exchange Manager: Exclusive exchange system.
* General Manager: Shop, donation, services, functions, server infos...
* Global Gatekeeper: Teleport to all kingdoms and areas, free.
* Siege Manager: Contains info for all castles.
* Wedding Manager: Formal wear and adena required to get married.

Soul Crystals

* Stages from 7 to 12 selling at luxury shop by cristals.
* All RBs who can level up crystals. CLICK HERE

Subclass & Noblesse

* Subclass free. (no quest)
* Add subclass at all Village Master.
* Max. 5 subclasses.
* Noblesse quest. (retail)

Voice Commands

* .menu - main features including auto farm & potion.
* .help - contains all available commands.

Additional Features

* Auto loot.
* Auto learn skills.
* Inventory slots 150.
* Seven Signs open 24/7.
* Global chat, delay 10s.
* Chat filter - for illegal words.
* Offline shop.
* Shift + click on monsters to see the droplist.
* Spawn protection by 30 seconds.
* Max. 3 sessions per pc.
* Automatic restart at 07:00.

Raid Bosses

* Common Raids: 18h + 6h random.
* Barakiel: 6h. (no random)
* Tyrannosaurus: 5 minutes.

Raids listed on the site/npc have improved stats and drops.

* Queen Ant respawn (Monday) 22:00.
* Core respawn (Tuesday) 20:00.
* Orfen respawn (Tuesday) 22:00.

* Zaken respawn (Wednesday) 22:00.
(door opens 00:00 game time and when boss is spawned)

* Frintezza respawn (Thursday) 22:00.
(random +/- 15 minutes. Need CC, mín.2/max.5 parties)

* Baium respawn (Friday) 22:00. (random +/- 15 minutes)
* Antharas respawn (Saturday) 20:00.
* Valakas respawn (Sunday) 20:00.

All Epics are in PvP area and will be dead at server launch.


* Bishop level 40 has Noblesse Blessing skill.
* All skills with cancel effect removes buffs for 15 seconds.
* Cancellation increased reuse delay x5 and power to 100.
* Deflect Arrow power increased from 40 to 60.
* Mirage reduced power from 80 to 60 and time from 60s to 30s.
* Dodge increased time from 5s to 30s, reuse delay x2.
* Counterattack increased time from 5s to 10s, reuse delay x2.
* Touch of Death increased chance from 80 to 100.
* Arrest range increased from 150 to 600. (like shackle)
* Stun/Shock effect time reduced to 5 seconds.
* FOI works like Gracia Final. (removed on any action except move)
* Changed Major Arcana set to give 15% cast speed, 2% m.atk. instead of 17% m.atk.
* Changed Imperial Staff to added Acumen instead Empower.
* Removed fear skills from Antharas and Valakas.
* Removed teleport skills from Zaken.

All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail or were considered irrelevant.

1º   Masterkillinda 2184 pvps
2º   GeForceXD 944 pvps
3º   RCruz 838 pvps
1º   CALIBRE 273 pks
2º   Virus 241 pks
3º   BEKA 181 pks
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